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What is 2FA or two-factor authentication?

Keeping your online accounts safe is hard when you’re not a security expert. Even when you use hard-to-guess passwords, never write them down, and use a unique password for each different service; attackers can sometimes still be able to intercept or crack your password. And the scary thing is that you will never know until it is too late.

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Troubleshooting 2FA: I am locked out of my Gmail/Facebook/Discord/etc. How to I get in?

This is a question we get sometimes: “I am locked out of my account, how do I get back in?”. Without more information this is difficult to answer. Usually the website you’re trying to log in to is of more help. Here are a few pointers to help you out.

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Troubleshooting 2FA: I'm trying to log in but my codes are wrong. Now what?

So your app is generating 2FA codes, but the website is not accepting them? Can’t log in? Here are a few common ways for fixing that.

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Troubleshooting 2FA: my app is empty, how do I get my accounts back?

When reinstalling Pix Authenticator, it will start empty. Did you previously have accounts that are now gone? This post shows a few things you can try.

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How to use 2FA or two-factor authentication?

How do I know if I can trust the Pixplicity Authenticator app?

How to stop using 2FA or two-factor authentication?

How to share a 2FA account with someone you trust?

Do you want to share an account with someone you trust, but you also want to enable 2FA for that account? That makes it a bit harder to share a password. Luckily, Pix Authenticator lets you share 2FA codes as well.

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How to set up 2FA or two-factor authentication?

How to set up 2FA on popular websites?

How to restore your 2FA backups using Pixplicity Authenticator?

How to back-up your 2FA codes using Pixplicity Authenticator and why?

Backing up your codes is an important step in keeping your accounts safe and to make sure you never get locked out of your accounts. Because 2FA is such a secure way of keeping your accounts inaccessible for unauthorized people, it might actually lock you out as well if you can present a valid login code anymore!

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