How to set up 2FA or two-factor authentication?

This post shows how to start using 2FA with the Pixplicity Authenticator app for iOS and Android.

How to set up 2FA

This process is slightly different for each website, so we will try and explain this in a generic way. We also have a post with more details for specific websites.

Websites that support 2FA, will usually guide you through the setup process. You just have to find the right page to start. This is usually in the account settings.

You will always encounter these steps:

  • the website will provide you with a QR code. You can scan this code using your 2FA app. Read our post on using 2FA for more details, and for a step-by-step guide on how to do this with out app Pixplicity Authenticator. Scanning the code adds the secret to your app, enabling your phone to generate the login codes.
  • the website will ask you to enter a 2FA code once, to confirm that you correctly set up your device.
  • the website will present you with a couple of backup codes. These are codes that last longer than 30 seconds, and are meant to be used in case you lose access to your phone. Keep these codes save! Ideally, store them in a password manager. That way they are accessible from anywhere, and secure. Don’t share them with anyone, and don’t store them on the service that you’re enabling 2FA for!

Video instructions

Still have questions? We made a quick video that shows how to set it up using a fake example website:

How to use 2FA codes to log in

Next, you are ready to start using the 2FA codes generated by your app.