Help Flatten The Curve

Software development is probably one of the easiest professions to do from home. Still, at Pixplicity we want to help however we can to make self-isolation even easier.

That is why we decided to open up our Cookbook: a small repository of code snippets and recipes that we use internally to share commonly used boilerplate code.

It is small, but we hope it helps everyone getting their work done from home, now that colleagues are not longer office mates.

#StaySafe, #StayTheFHome, and #StayCoding


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Made by developers for developers

The Cookbook by Pixplicity is our ongoing effort to collect useful information for our developers. By continuously adding snippets and ‘recipes’ we build a database that makes everyday programming easier and faster.

The Cookbook aims to contain at least the following:

The Cookbook is not and never will be a replacement for Google or StackOverflow, but hopefully it is a nice supplement.

Known issues

In its current state, the Cookbook is a heap of snippets that contains ‘donations’ from our developers. It is not a complete guide on ‘how to do app development’. And because the best practices of app development change on a daily basis, the Cookbook will never be finished. And that is okay.

Be aware:

Care to help?

Feel free to contact us and notify of any mistakes, broken links, typo’s, etc. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Boring stuff

You are always responsible for writing your own code. Never blindly copy-paste code from the internet without understanding what it does and how it works. Pixplicity cannot be held liable for any issues resulting from using our Cookbook.

Unless otherwise specified, the snippets are licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.