Troubleshooting 2FA: I am locked out of my Gmail/Facebook/Discord/etc. How to I get in?

This is a question we get sometimes: “I am locked out of my account, how do I get back in?”. Without more information this is difficult to answer. Usually the website you’re trying to log in to is of more help. Here are a few pointers to help you out.

I’m locked out of my Discord/Facebook/Instagram, now what?

  • Is the problem that your login codes are not accepted? Please follow these steps.
  • Is the problem that your codes are gone and your app is empty? Please read this.
  • Are you unable to restore your backups because the password is incorrect? Please check your password manager or try all passwords you know. We can’t help you crack your backup.
  • Do you get another error? Please check if your password is correct, if you are online, or contact the support team for the website you try to access.

Always make sure that you make a backup and keep it safe, to prevent these issues in the future.