Troubleshooting 2FA: I'm trying to log in but my codes are wrong. Now what?

So your app is generating 2FA codes, but the website is not accepting them? Can’t log in? Here are a few common ways for fixing that.

2FA codes not working - how to fix it

Double check

This is almost too simple, but it should be said: make sure you are typing the correct code. Sometimes there are more in the list for the same website, but for different accounts. It is easy to make a mistake, so please double-check.

Check your clock

If the website still doesn’t accept the code your app is generating, don’t panic! 9 out of 10 times your device’s clock is off. Double-check that you are connected to the internet, dive into the settings on your phone and make it sync its internal clock to the internet. This’ll make sure your app can create the codes for the right 30-seond window.

Use a recovery code

If that doesn’t help, dig up the recovery codes or backup codes from wherever you stored them. These are the codes that the website provided for you when you were setting up 2FA. Use one of those codes to log in. If that works, dive into your account settings and re-setup 2FA a second time, so your phone has the correct secret again.

We explain this process a bit more in this post.

Try a backup

This is a bit of a hail Mary, but you can try restoring an old backup to see if that changes anything.

Good luck!