How to stop using 2FA or two-factor authentication?

Do you have 2FA set up for an account, and do you want to stop using it? Here’s how.

How to stop using 2FA

First, make sure that you really want to stop using it. Your account will be more secure with 2FA enable, so in general we advise against it. Here are a couple of alternative scenarios:

Reasons to stop using 2FA

  • Your codes are really gone and you don’t have a backup.
  • Your codes are compromised.
  • You are upgrading to even better security, for example a hardware key like a Yubikey.

How to disable 2FA

To stop using 2FA, you must have the power to do so. This means that you still have to be able to log in and access the account settings, even if this requires a 2FA code! If you don’t have valid codes anymore, look for the backup codes that you saved during the initial setup. This is a list of around 10 codes, that you saved someplace safe, such as a password manager or on a piece of paper somewhere only you will find or access it.

Log in using one of those recovery codes. Then, look for account settings. These is different for every website, but in general you’ll find it under Settings or Profile or Account. In the settings, you’ll need to look for ‘two-factor’ or ‘multi-factor’ authentication, or sometimes: ‘verification’. Many different names for the same thing! It can also be abbreviated to ‘2FA’ or ‘TFA’.

Found it? Great! There will be a button or a toggle to disable it. You might need to enter a password or another recovery code (or both) to confirm.

Lost the recovery codes?

Ouch, that’s tricky. Depending on the service, you might be though out of luck. 2FA is meant to keep people out, and it is quite good at it. You can reach out to the website’s support team. That means: not us, not Pixplicity, but the support for the website you’re trying to log in to! Really, we cannot help you with your Discord account. We are not Discord, we are a different company.

For some websites you may be able to disable 2FA by verifying your phone number, or by using a reset link by email. This is different and unique for all websites.

Next time you setup 2FA, please make sure to backup your codes. We cannot stress this enough.