How to share a 2FA account with someone you trust?

Do you want to share an account with someone you trust, but you also want to enable 2FA for that account? That makes it a bit harder to share a password. Luckily, Pix Authenticator lets you share 2FA codes as well.

How to share a 2FA account

You don’t need to make a backup of your accounts and send it over. There is an easier way, that lets you share a single account.

For the account you want to share, tap the context menu symbol, the three dots: ⋮

Select ‘Show QR code’. After to acknowledge that you understand the risks, it will show a QR code similar to the one you used to set up the account initially. This code contains the secret that only you and the website know, which is used to generate the 2fa codes.

On your friend’s phone, open Authenticator and press the blue button to add an account. Your friend can scan the QR code on your screen, and follow the same process as always to add a new account.

So what are the risks?

By sharing the 2FA codes, you are giving away one of the factors of the two-factor authentication. So, you should only do this with someone you trust. E.g., to share a Netflix account with your spouse.

The QR code you share, or the link below it, contain the secret to create the codes. Sharing this with someone you don’t trust, allows them to create the login codes. If they don’t have your password as well, it is not a direct threat, but we do suggest to reset 2FA for that account quickly.

Video instructions

Here’s the whole process again, in 56 seconds: