Troubleshooting 2FA: my app is empty, how do I get my accounts back?

When reinstalling Pix Authenticator, it will start empty. Did you previously have accounts that are now gone? This post shows a few things you can try.

Help, all my accounts are gone!

Here are a few things to do:

On iPhone

Our iOS app does not have the same capabilities as our Android app. However, it has other options. If you are using Pix Authenticator on iPhone or iPad, it backs up your accounts to your keychain. To get them back, simply allow the app to sync again with the keys in your keychain.

You must be logged in to the same Apple ID on your device to make this work! You can’t restore the keys on a different device with a different Apple ID.

On Android

Restore a backup. If you previously created a backup of your account (and you always should!) then you can restore it. Here is how to do that.

Pix Authenticator for Android will not automatically restore your accounts. You will need to do that yourself. Here is some information on why our app works like this.

I don’t have a backup, now what?

Then things will be more difficult. If you have a second device that still holds (some) of the same accounts, you can share them from one device to the other.

Otherwise, you will have to reset 2fa for all your accounts.

How to prevent this next time

Simply put: always make a backup.