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Video player widget

Record video widget

Profile picture widget

This is a widget for showing a profile avatar, along with an edit button which lunches the camera. If there’s no photo to be loaded a placeholder consisting of an x amount of characters from the user’s name is going to be shown.

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Sign in with phone number authentication & Firebase

File video player widget

A widget created to play videos from files in flutter. The width and height of the widget is controlled by the parent. This is used mostly for preview videos that just got captured from the camera or where selected from the gallery.

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Flutter Cubit example

Cubit is a subset of the BLoC package that does not rely on events and instead uses methods to emit new states. Cubits are used for simple states, while for more complicated scenarios (multiple states) we use blocs.

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Bottom navigation using auto_route and block packages.

Those snippets provide a bottom navigation bar. The navigation between the different pages is happening with the help of the auto_route package. For providing the navigation component we’re using the bloc package. For the UI we’re using a package called animated_bottom_navigation_bar. There are 5 menu options. The 3rd one though, the middle one, is outside of the navigation bar, as a floating action button.

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Monitoring authentication status