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Launch Unity Activity from an Android app

We’ve noticed that the Unity editor often resets the package name of your project when you save it or when you close the build settings. Make sure to check for this (you will see the wrong package in the editor) and correct it if needed.

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Embed a Unity Activity in an Android app

Check for ARCore before launching a Unity module on Android.

Support the Back button on Android

Kotlin extension functions for Views

Kotlin extension functions for Numbers

Kotlin extension functions for Arrays and Lists

Common kotlin extensions

Kotlin extension functions for Bitmaps

Setting up Android SDK on Jenkins

Compress or convert video for embedding in an Android or iOS app

The following uses ffmpeg to compress a video that is optimally compressed for size while keeping an ok quality, and ensures compatibility across 99.99% of the Android and iOS devices.

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Check and observe the availability of the Play Store.

Grant special permissions to a WebView

Accessing the camera or location in a WebView is not possible without granting the WebView permission. Make sure your app has permissions already through the conventional method before calling this snippet:

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Complete example of using a WebView

Wrapping a RecyclerView to the height of its content.