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UILabel progressbar

A UILabel that acts as a progress bar, check the Pixplicity Authenticator app to see an example (Android here, iOS currently not yet). Simply add a UILabel to your view through the Xcode interface builder and subclass it to LoaderUILabel. Or programmatically add it to your view.

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Retrieving NSmangedObjectContext

Storing Objects in keychain

Keychain is normally used to simply store credentials. This snippet illustrates a workaround to store entire objects in the keychain and supply them with a persistent ref to have a direct reference to individual items.

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Using Coredata in your iOS app

Getting iOS app version programmatically

Responding to keyboard / Dismissing keyboard

Use Hexcolors in your iOS app

Add Firebase push to your iOS app

Create a framework to import into a larger project

In your child project, add a new target by going into the project properties, clicking the + icon and picking Cross-platform > Other > Aggregate.

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